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Guilty Pleasures - Danjo - 03-02-2014

We've never made on of these, so I was interested in what you guys consider to be your guilty pleasures.

I'd have to say one of mine is Cobra Starship, because they're pretty much just a normal pop band, but some of their stuff is really catchy.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - Grungie - 03-02-2014

I thought about making this, but I kept forgetting...

Anyway, I love Ke$ha:

Also I've always kind of liked Michelle Branch:

RE: Guilty Pleasures - wwf - 03-02-2014

Hmmm.... mostly shitty metalcore like The Devil Wears Prada and Alesana for me I guess.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - Mr Maps - 03-02-2014

Bondage and Thomas the Tank Engine. Together.

Oh, you mean music? I'll be honest, I never feel guilty about anything I listen to, but I guess stuff like Call Me Maybe counts, and the occasional bit of Taylor Swift when I'm with certain friends.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - ln cognition - 03-02-2014

Power metal. Definitely.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - Crashbreaka - 03-03-2014

I used to like Taylor Swift. All she really does is change key these days though, from what I've heard.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - Danjo - 03-03-2014

This song in particular I am a fan of.

I also enjoy some Katy Perry, though I realized recently that listening to her stuff reminds me of being lonely in high school, haha.

I guess my way of explaining guilty pleasures is a band that you kinda don't agree with in principle but you still like their music. Like I don't like what pop music is artistically, but its still fun to listen to sometimes.

Chrome is being dumb and that Kesha won't load Grungie...

I like the Michelle Branch though.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - debbie - 03-03-2014

I don't think I have any guilty pleasures. Or maybe...maybe I'm the guilty pleasure! :O

I like me some T swizzle sometimes.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - JCizzle - 03-03-2014

I used to listen to Poison. Haven't in a long time though.

RE: Guilty Pleasures - Grungie - 03-03-2014

My parents used to like watching Brett Michaels Rock of Love to laugh at him, and it's sad that the only song he knows the words to is Every Rose Has Its Thorn, and it's the only song he sings.