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Full Version: Dem sexy/dream guitars
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I've never had the pleasure of a Steinberg, unfortunately. ;_;
Some day I wanna try a steinberger. Theres some video with Leslie West where he's playing one that sounds really good, which got me interested. I'm more organic most of the time, but I'd be interested in seeing what the guitar could do.
I think they're kind of fugly :/
make the mean mod take it back!
I find the lack of headstock intriguing.
yeah, it's not hideous, but it's not beautiful, but it feels right

It interests me
(03-19-2013, 05:08 AM)wwf Wrote: [ -> ]make the mean mod take it back!

but I only take it in the back :oops:
What do you guys think of Parkers?

Certainly special looking, but not everybody like em

[Image: Parker_Guitars_DragonFly_DF824_490035.jpg]

[Image: Photo-8-USM-DFMV7GG1.jpg]

The major downside of them is that you have to sell your family to slavery to afford one
I hear they're supposed to be really nice
I think they look like scythes
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