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Full Version: Dem sexy/dream guitars
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I'm pretty sure it's a fender american vintage 62 jazzmaster

totally didn't just google that image
Definitely looks like a jazzmaster.

I'd rather get a jazzmaster than a tele or a strat for sure; or just about anything else fender for that matter.
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[Image: DV016_Jpg_Large_1357577843213_A.jpg]

Also love the White Falcon which someone else posted.
^ YES.
I like that Jazzmaster. I need to actually play one sometime, because I have no idea how they sound.
They're pretty cool really. Their vibrato has a unique sound.
I love bigsby tremolos
Vintage style (strat style, JM style, bigsbys etc) vibratos sound lurvelly. :3
I actually quite like Floyd Roses too. Not Licensed ones so much, they often suck IMO. But the Specials are nice, and OFRs are excellent. I'm a big fan of Isaac Brock and his guitar style, so I like floating trems.
I'm not a big fan of floating trems, except of steinberg

[Image: red%20zt3.jpg]

Their guitars are headless and most of them are shaped weird, but they feel amazing. They don't sound organic though, they're quite stale actually, but that's not always a bad thing
I've never tried a Bigsby or a Steinberg. I want to though.
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