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Full Version: Dem sexy/dream guitars
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That's be a fucking sexy bass
It's like a bowling ball and a guitar had a baby.
It would be, but I meant a similar thread.
you can post sexy basses too Confusedhrug:
The only problem is its a studio, haha. If I ever get rich and famous I'll have to convince Gibson to make a custom of it.
What is the difference between an LP studio and a LP custom anyway?
The studios are usually a lot cheaper, and since even expensive Gibson's aren't known for their quality control, I can't imagine you're getting a very good guitar for your money.
So I stumbled upon a Telecaster Deluxe Plus.

I want it because it's really quirky for a Tele:

[Image: Fender_Telecaster_Plus_Deluxe_1989.JPG]
Dayum dat tele fiiine
For some reason, I don't see what you guys are raving about. Maybe I'm just selectively blind.
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