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Full Version: Dem sexy/dream guitars
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(05-16-2014, 05:07 PM)Mr Maps Wrote: [ -> ]The specials are okay, but they have a bit of a reputation for not being terribly durable. I've played one and it sounded okay, though it didn't feel terribly great. It was used though, and not terribly well looked after. Eh. I'd personally go for something a little more expensive and enduring, but it's an entirely personal choice
Yeah, but would you buy a $1200 guitar for your VERY first electric guitar? I wouldn't. At that point, you don't even know if you like electric guitar. Fantasy has an acoustic, I understand.
Obviously the standards better but the special is definitely a better starter guitar. No one wants to drop a thousand on a guitar they don't like
I thought he meant the epiphone standard? They're not 1200, are they?

I meant just maybe spend a little bit more for something that will last longer, so he'll be set even when he progresses. I mean, it's not a bad starter guitar - not at all - but I would personally say drop down a little more for a bit more longevity, but obviously it's all opinion and the only that really matters is Fantasy's. Plus that advise may just stem from when I used to give it to people I was trying to sell guitars to. So go for it if you want dude, you could do worse. For me, I don't see them as much more than starter guitars and something a little better quality might be more suited when you're more advanced, buuut, that's just me. Best thing you can do is play it yourself, but if you can't, it's still a solid choice.
That's solid advice actually. My first guitar was a Squier Bullet. And once I got more familiar with electric guitar...boy, was it terrible. lol
(05-16-2014, 05:40 PM)Mr Maps Wrote: [ -> ]I thought he meant the epiphone standard? They're not 1200, are they?

an Epiphone Standard is $400. While it might not be a pleasing price for a noob, it's still enough for a guitar that will last awhile.
Riiiiight, I see. Yeah, that might be a little much for the first timer, but it would certainly last. I think about 250/300 dollars (I'm guessing here, because of exchange rates and tax and different prices generally) is probably around the ideal minimum to pay new for something good, so 400 is easily worth it. Fantasy, try and get something used if you can, you'll get more for your money.
Yeah, a used LP standard is $249 according to Guitar Center, and a used LP Studio is $199, those are some pretty good prices.
Yeah man, I'd look into them
If my next guitar isn't a Jazzmaster, I'm probably getting a Silverburst LP Custom. I blame James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins and Adam Jones for making me want a Silverburst Les Paul.
I'd love one of those
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