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Full Version: The Movies
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Do you like going?  How do you feel about the prices and food?  How often do you go?  What do you see, generally? What movies are better on the big screen?
I enjoy them mostly for action movies and the sound systems. Over the top films like Transformers are actually my preferred movie theater experience, but sadly I do not go very often as the costs are just too high.
I enjoy the movies still, and like the chain ones that are kinda pricey but the seats are nice and they have good food choices.

I go to a small family owned one still it’s only 7$ a ticket, but only two movies. I go there if we take the kid in case we leave early.
One advantage to movies nowadays is the unlimited thing. Well, the prices are high, but if you can get all the pop and popcorn you want, then what's the big deal? I mean, why not enjoy the spectacle, but then again, I'm not the type to visit all the time.