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Full Version: Deftones
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(inb4 not Metal cuz Nu Metal)

I really love their music and Koi no Yokan had some damn good songs on it.
All of their albums have damn good songs on them

Love this band
I never really bothered with their first album, is it worth it?
ehh depends I guess

It's my least favorite of theirs, but I still like it because I'm a sucker for nu-metal occasionally. I'd say buy it if you like Headup or Hexagram, but honestly those two songs are better than any of the songs on Adrenaline.
I'll probably not worry about it then. I'm more of a fan of their mellower/atmospheric work
That's probably a wise decision.
They're not nu-metal, they are sex metal. I love their music, very trippy Tongue
I like Koi No Yokan. I never really got into their other work.

Also, Chi's dead. Sad RIP, dude...

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