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Full Version: Nintendo Switch?
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Does anyone else here have a Nintendo Switch?  How long have you had one?  What do you like/dislike about the Switch?  What's your favorite game so far?  Are there any games that you're looking forward to?
I'm waiting for more actual exclusives before I go and buy one. As someone who owns a Wii U, PS3, and PS4, it's mostly pointless for me at the moment. Most of the big name games are either PS3/Wii U ports, or also multiplat for PS4. It's kind of annoying when people are telling me to buy a Switch to play these games:

Breath of the Wild (also on Wii U)
Dark Souls (also on PS3)
Skyrim (no I'm not buying this 15 times)
Mario Kart 8 (on Wii U)
LA Noire (on PS3)

What I find humorous about the Wii U is how everyone bitched about how the Wii U had garbage games, but they go and buy all the Wii U ports on the Switch.
Honestly, if I ever get a Switch, it'll just be for Metroid Prime 4 and maybe Smash.
Haven't played Smash since Brawl.
The Wii U/3DS one is pretty dope, but that's if you have either of those two consoles.
I want to get one. Nintendo is my 1st choice due to Mario and Donkey Kong. Anyway, I might wait until I can get a good used deal.
Reading this thread is an interesting time capsule to how dry the launch period was.

Though most consoles lately have boring launch periods and lackluster libraries for the first year or so.