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Full Version: Epiphone LP Pro series v. Gibson LP Studio
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Ok, Since I'm a fucking amateur and have no ear when it comes to Nuances, Is there a bit of a similarity to LP studios on the Pro Series? Personally I think both these Guitars are Certified Pre-Worthy but I want to mimic the clean tones off This song (and the whole album) With a Fender HR Deluxe.

The pro line of Epiphone guitars usually indicate that they have humbuckers that allow coil tapping. The standard Gibson Les Paul Studio doesn't have coil tapping. Though an Epiphone and Gibson will have more nuances with wood and electronics quality (and different humbuckers), but unless you sit down and train your ear to pick out differences, the average person isn't going to notice enough to give a shit.

Though if you're going to get super anal and want to sound exactly like that, you're going to have to find out what year Les Paul they had, and the same for the amp, because a Hot Rod Deluxe from 1987 is going to sound different to a 2017 Hot Rod Deluxe. The same goes for the guitar.
I know His LP is a '92. But that Amp is gonna wring me dry.
Is it really that big of a deal though?
The amp or the Guitar? I could care less about the amp since there's alternatives and the Guitar just needs a Seymour Duncan then I'm all set.
You just seem really anal about having the exact everything.
I won't go overboard. Alts are A-OK as long as it sounds similar.

Trust me though, I'm not gonna shell out a grand or two for an LP or OR120. I'll take Anything that sounds pretty since I've got a shoegaze hard on.
I don't really need a Gibson either. Like you said, The Pro Series is great and Epi's really stepping up their game.
Heh, well funnily enough, Guitar Center is doing a thing where You can finance certain instrument brands. Gibson, Marshall and Orange are listed sooooooo. My luck and dream of owning a Gibson could finally happen.

Y'know as soon as I apply for one of their credit cards...
That’s cool if you can get one
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