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Full Version: What makes rickenbackers so special?
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I really would like one, I'm pay 500 big greens for one off guitar center (just enough for, 500 iced creams)
I think that unlike Fender and Gibson where they have less affordable models, Rickenbacker just makes custom shop level gear.
I hate the Scott Pilgrim Films now just because Scott owns one.
I know Mike Mills in REM used to use Ricks in the 80's.
Lemme add that to my bank of R.E.M. info.
He's actually a pretty melodic bassist, particularly in their 80's material. I don't know much about their 90's stuff besides the hits.
I've only heard "It's the end of the world as we know it" not much else.
If you haven't heard Losing My Religion and One I Love you're lying.
On Rocksmith I think I tested Losing my religion to make sure my Guitar wasn't outta tune. I could be making that up though.