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Full Version: Youtube Personalities that are tolerable.
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I thought this'd be interesting so I guess I'll start.

Somecallmejohnny Is the best of the best. Civil, Funny, Interesting opinions and the ability to spark interest (that was redundant) for a lot of games.

Alongside Johnny is his LP Channel: SGB (The Super Gaming Bros) Where they fuck with each other...Constantly and it's actually fun to watch (Unlike game grumps.)

OneyPlays is this group of three moronic, Vulgar and Non-P.C dudes who play games and shit talk each othe with voices...And I LOVE IT.

Any one have anything else?
Mister Metokur is great, his Deviants series is a great laugh
Can't Believe I forgot about FilthyFrankTV and iDubbbz.