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Let's discuss the Post-Metal band Shels, any other fans here? I love their opening tracks to both of their albums:

I love shels' album artwork.
I've only listenend to the first track and I like it. Are they instrumental?
For the most part. when vocals are present, they're really more of the texture of the song instead of the focus of the song.
I really like them. I'm going to try and see if I can get my hands on their albums.
You should
This shit's good....

Although, I usually prefer a bit heavier Post-Metal.
This video has the confirmation codes to download Plains of the Purple Buffalo from Bandcamp for free

This is coming from their official Facebook page and on their official channel.
plains of the purple buffalo is great. listened to that for a good three years now.
I really want to buy a physical copy, but they're pretty pricey as they're imports.
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