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that sucks. i would probably shel out for one too.

Just checked their actual website, $14 isn't too bad, Amazon is charging $26
25 for the vinyl. might go for it its a pretty cool album visually as well.
Yeah, it's definitely a great cover. That's the real reason I bought Neutral Milk Hotel on vinyl
when i go to a record store i make a deal with myself that i will buy one album solely based on the packaging. so artwork, name, etc. i like that part of it.
I have a record I inherited from my dad, and it's this old 70's sound effects album. So it's just a bunch of pig and sheep sounds.
>listening to music
(03-04-2014, 08:04 PM)peternorthstars Wrote: [ -> ]that sucks. i would probably shel out for one too.


I've been meaning to listen to this band more for like, forever.
Use the bandcamp promotion code from the video I linked
None of those codes are working. They're all saying, "Already been redeemed".
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