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butt metal might be too kind.
(09-10-2014, 04:24 AM)peternorthstars Wrote: [ -> ]butt metal might be too kind.
lel, get out of here.

Pantera defined groove metal, which is a pretty big (nowadays) genre of metal. So, yeah.
Who gives a shit, this is a Slipknot thread
I said I wasn't looking forward to the new album but now I think it has the potential to be up there with Vol 3 (my favorite). 'The Negative One' is good and 'The Devil in I' grew on me despite the radio-rock/metal chorus.

Anyway, the intro to the album leaked. I heard a pitch-shifted version that was kind of hard to take seriously because Corey sounds hilariously like Chester from Linkin Park when he's pitch shifted that high. The lyrics are kind of corny too but once I took into account that they're about Paul dying I appreciate their simple honesty.

Anyway, it really has that eerie, spooky feel which was always the best thing about Slipknot and what drew me to them. If there's a lot of that on this album, it's sure to be good. My only fear is that the corniness will outshine all the good elements. I mean, look at that album artwork. It's symbolic of the some of the music I've heard so far; an eerie, good atmosphere with this corny element right in the centre that makes could potentially drop the quality a lot.

Here it is until it gets taken down. I really want to hear the real thing before I comment on it though because as I said, the pitch shift ruins it in this case. :p
already taken down :/

I am looking froward to it though. I bet it will be a little corny, but honestly, that's part of the charm of slipknot :p

Now I don't want it to be the entire album, but a little here and a little there will be ok.
Yeah but for me at least Vol 3 wasn't that corny. On paper a lot of it is but I don't listen to it and go 'lol' aside from a couple of the butt-rock choruses and some of the lyrics. Most of their lyrics aren't very good but they aren't placed front and center either.

This track has the most bare instrumental they've ever done, and the lyrics are front and center. There's a part where Corey screams 'NOTHING APPEALS TO ME, NOBODY FEELS LIKE ME'. Imagine that in a pitch-shifted, Chester Bennington-esque voice and you'll see why I almost wanted to laugh despite it being about Paul Gray. :/
That sounds great :haha:
It's on dailymotion.

Yeah the vocals could have been better executed.

Non-pitch shifted one up now.
Those two actually didn't sound noticeably different to me.
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