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Full Version: The "Celebrity Crush" Thread
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I am 97.34% sure everyone has a celebrity crush. Who is yours? (if you want to get specific, from what show/movie/whatever in particular?)
Danny DeVito.

I know you're all agreeing.
The one chick with the big ass, you know who...
^Jennifer Lopez?

This might turn into another hot chicks thread, but I'll wait until then.

(08-31-2014, 04:24 PM)crazysam23 Wrote: [ -> ]The one chick with the big ass, you know who...
This just in, Sam is into Madonna.

You know, 'cause she has a big ass. Sean Penn, I'm saying.
By the way, my "celebrity crush", if I am to pick one, is Felicia Day.

[Image: DSC067765.jpg]
I told you guys I wouldn't kill him.
I don't watch TV or anything so most of the celebrities I'm familiar with are musicians (well at least celebrities in the entertainment industry I know about tons of politicians of course but I don't crush on them >_> )

Posting images but it's not just based on looks. :flower:

Jhene Aiko

[Image: Jhene-Aiko-for-GQ-main-600x421-600x400.jpg]

FKA twigs

[Image: med_gallery_15131_1587_28699.jpg]

And I have a mancrush on Drake come at me:

[Image: drake_.jpg]

Edit: Also I realise you're just supposed to have one, but since these aren't real crushes I'm allowed to post multiple. If anyone asked me in real life I'd just say Drake. :p
(08-31-2014, 05:39 PM)debbie Wrote: [ -> ]I told you guys I wouldn't kill him.
You're totes posing as Fantasy. Admit it.
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