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Full Version: The Legend of Zelda thread
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Welcome to the official Legend of Zelda Thread!

[Image: The+Legend+of+Zelda+Wallpaper.jpg]

Here, we discuss the series featuring a young hero named Link in the land of Hyrule (and sometimes in other distant lands). Rules are the same as in any other thread. Let us discuss Big Grin

I'll start by saying that I'm currently working on Link's Awakening DX, but I haven't played in a while because I play it on VirtualGBX and currently they are unable to save games ono

The Gameboy Color games are the best, hands down.
Not gonna lie, I did spend the most hours on Oracle of Ages/Seasons and Link's Awakening than all the other games.
Same :high five:

Their lengthiness is what I enjoy the most. You feel satisfied with what you get. Quality AND quantity.
I still liked some of the unorthodoxness of Majora's Mask
I still need to try it again. First time I played I had no idea what I was doing and ended up getting crushed lel
I beat the first 3 dungeons without knowing I could slow time. God that would have helped the first time I went through the Great Bay Temple
lel I remember talking about it with you.
I can't wait to see what they're are doing withe next one.

Apparently it's going to be more open world and stuff. That would be awesome.
I think I might get a Wii U solely and only for Zelda lol
That and the new Smash Bros are they only things I actually want from it
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