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Full Version: MTB Part 2 Release
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After the development delay, I've finally got part 2 finished! As I mentioned before, outside of checking for bugs/mistakes, I want you guys to also help me come up with names for places/people, suggestions for NPC dialog, or alter the ones I already have, or any other ideas you can think of.

Anywho, I did realize one major mistake in part 1 that I didn't test. I didn't know that when I compressed it, it fucked up some of the music by replacing it with some other shit, so I deleted the similarly named files, so now the intended music is in part 1 of the game.

Download link:

Patch #1 link:

This'll be fun!

lol, plus I'm playing FF6 right now. Speak of the devil.
How far are you now in FF6?
I just got past the part where the Empire becomes your ally because they realize Kefka's the real enemy.

As for MTB, I'm currently fighting Maps.
Okay, you're about to get to part 2 then.

If you ever play FF7, you'll notice that the story is pretty identical for the most part.
Yeah, you told me that before, but my friend played through FF7 and from my never-played-but-have-seen-it-and-have-been-talked-about-it point of view, it doesn't seem that way, hah. I'd have to see for myself.

As for MTB, currently it would seem some weapons you can buy in Norwegia are kind of unnecessary. The stronger ones aren't that expensive so one can easily skip buying the lesser weapons.
You have to look at it through the big picture, because the pacing between the two are different, but in general, they're very similar. Just replace the Empire harvesting magicite for magitech, with Shinra harvesting mako energy to make materia, and the Returners with Avalanche and you've got it all set.

As for the weapons, I added those at the last minute, because of how the database has the inventory spread out (and with how I was cheating and started my game in Norwegia), so yeah, I didn't think about that.

edit: Holy shit I found the image:
[Image: qpI74xr.gif]
Ok, I think it would be funny if the snowman in Norwegia says something along the lines of:

Avete Deus infernale
O, glorioso Sathanas
Canta nigro metallum musica
Incendere hostes domum Dei
Quoque, Twinkies sunt stupri delitiosae

Basically anything that relates to black metal, which makes it a joke related to the little girl running around him. If you can change the font so that it's all capitals (big and small capitals), that would probably be ideal for making it sound monotonous and ritualistic. If not, regular capitals should do, but in the end it's your choice.

EDIT: Oh lol the image. Makes all sense now. And alright, noted regarding the weapons.
Lol okay, I'll add in dialog for the evil snowman.
yeee boii
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