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Full Version: Post your gear thread
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Awe yeah, time to show off how crappy our gear is. I prefer you guys use actual pictures, but it's okay if you can't.

[Image: img0038dr.jpg]
They be beauts Smile
I wish I had decent gear Sad
Lol, I only have 1 good guitar, and the other 2 are $100 cheapos.
I still wish I had decent gear haha
I still demand pics
I'll upload some if I have time tomorrow
[Image: 559668_3738326584969_37791992_n.jpg]

this is the only photo I've got on my laptop of this guitar. Its a PRS SE Torero. I absolutely love it, it plays so smooth....

I have other guitars, but this is my choice errday.
Are you left handed or is it mirrored?
its mirrored

you can tell by the backward 'Denver' on my shirt :p
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