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Full Version: MTB Part 1 Release.
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Alright, the long awaited part 1. As I mentioned before, outside of checking for bugs/mistakes, I want you guys to also help me come up with names for places/people, suggestions for NPC dialog, or alter the ones I already have, or any other ideas you can think of.

Basically it'll make the ideas more streamlined if only a couple of people throw ideas for those things instead of having a clusterfuck. It'll also make things more of a surprise for everyone else, instead of everyone knowing the jokes before they play it.

Anywho, here's part 1:

Here's the patched Data folder.
Awwwweeee yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh

Gonna playtest tomorrow (hopefully).
I can feel the anticipation.
Excellent. I shall get on it later today. I was going to work on a presentation but fuck that this way more important.
"Wake up you little shit" :haha:

FMM's mum is a dick. It's wonderful.

There's a grammatical error when you first speak to Grungie - it says "that would help you find the others" (i think, at least, something along those lines) when it should be "someone who would help you find the others"

Oh wow the music in the pub is brilliant. :haha:

Also, wwf refers to the mirror as the 'Mirror of Eroticism' but I think Grungie called it the 'Mirror of Seduction'. I think it's the ring of eroticism or some-such.
Lol yeah, I realized I fucked up the mirror name near the end of that dungeon, so I figured I left a fuckup behind.

I'll look at that grammatical error. With the item names, idk if you noticed all the first letters spell MTB
I wasn't intending to send out the fixed file so quickly, but when I decided to go and play through it normally this time around, I found one mistake I left in. Maps was probably wondering why the save screen popped up when you walk up to Grungie. That wasn't supposed to happen until after you get the mirror, as I forgot to set it up to only happen when you have the mirror.

It also has the corrected stuff you mentioned before. So I posted the new download link in the OP.
Yeah that was pretty strange, but as I'm not a big jrpg player, I figured there was something I wasn't aware of. :haha:

And I didn't notice the items spelling 'MTB', but that's pretty neat.
Yeah, I wasn't sure how to "end" this part, so I figured that I should just make a save point there, and have the king have like a "the end" and go to the title screen. That way I don't have to worry about your save files for the next parts fucking up when I send out the additional parts.

So that "ending" is gonna go away.
Glitch: in the dungeon, it is possible to walk over the walls if you go down a ladder, but, once you're in the room "under" it, you press up before going down.

In other words,

1 - Find ladder that goes downstairs
2 - Go downstairs
3 - Press up
4 - You're walking on walls.

Also, there are way too many random encounters.
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