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Full Version: Im glad I finally registered
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You said it nicely.!

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I don't remember saying anything, but this guy seems so genuine and without ulterior motives, I have no choice but trust him! Thanks!
Hmmm...seems like a decent adbot type of fellow...
Also, I reported him out of habit, but now I think about it, this forum's so small, it's not really necessary. :haha:
Meh. You're just telling Grungie to hurry up and deal with it. ' know, that's all he does. Tongue
That is all he's good for, after all. :haha:
I'm kidding O super-excellent-dictator-emperor-king >_>
I forgot we had a report button

Sorry for being gone guys Sad
'S'all good! We were having fun entertaining the non-responding bot. Wink
We hardly even need it, since the mods are usually the first people to notice stuff anyway.
I'm at the VA hospital waiting on my dad's minor surgery.
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