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Full Version: Disliking Highly Regarded Things
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For some reason, people really do get offended for others not liking the things they like.

I've read stuff like that many times. Someone just normally saying that they don't like a video on YT or something, without even properly criticising it and then they get replies like "fuck you" or "then don't watch it you asswipe".

So yeah, if you go around saying something against "classic" things, don't expect to not get any insulting responses.

It's the internet.

Seriously though, Grungie.
People like you aren't any better. It disgusts me when people like you walk around being pretentious and calling everything overrated. I spit on you.
I've always been careful to look for positives in things I don't like and negatives in thing I do. It keeps things balanced and reasonable. So I try to be careful how I go about saying I don't like something.

I know a couple of fangirls/boys who do the typical "omg you don't understand this is the greatest thing ever etc etc" thing, but I don't mind because it's in a jokey kinda way; we can laugh about it and actual opinions don't really matter. It's when people refuse to listen to fair criticism that frustrated me, when they're blinded by the fact it's a 'classic'.

It's funny though, because some classics weren't highly regarded in their time. Like, The Smiths are more popular now than ever before. Led Zeppelin were hated during the Punk era, but now they're popular again.

I also hate the word pretentious, it's so over rated.

Seriously though, it does annoy me when people misuse the word. There's one guy who I know who I'd describe as pretentious, because he is - he's pretending to be something he's not. He makes out he's this right-wong hardass who wants to purge humanity of those he considers 'unfit' to try and cover up the fact he's awkward, insecure and afraid, like so many others. So in that context, it makes sense. But when people use it to insult someone with a different taste from them, you know they've run out of arguments. Or never had them in the first place.

EDIT: I'm leaving "right-wong" in there because I'm easily amused. Just another British euphemism.
If only we lived in a perfect world, we'd have people who weren't super fanboy-ie and people who sit there and think everything that's considered good is shit.
I feel like most people grow out of fanboy-dom.

I am definitely guilty of being influenced by the popular opinion regarding something. Like if everyone is talking about something, and I don't like it as much as they do, I will probably say its bad and bring up all the things I don't like about it. But then once said thing drops from the public eye I'm more comfortable picking it up and saying "You know, this is actually okay.". But for me I guess I always thought it was okay, and I'm somehow trying to use my opinion to reach an equilibrium in public opinion that I agree with.

I also have a huge problem of not liking things if they aren't what I expected. Like I disliked Led Zeppelin for a long time because I got the impression from people like "Led Zep is real Hard Rock" "The original heavy metal!", whatever, and to me that was not at all how the sounded. Now that I actually figured out what they sound like I love them though.
Yeah I was guilty of that with Final Fantasy VII. I kept hearing how it was supposed to be the greatest fucking game ever, but when I started playing it, I thought "wtf is this?". Especially after you see this really awesome opening cutscene, and then you see the super deformed character sprites and I thought I had the wrong game.

So for a while I just liked talking shit about the game, also I was doing it to piss off the guy who talked me into playing the game. Cuz he kept telling me how it has the greatest everything in the game. Best graphics, best soundtrack, best story. So I think most of my "hatred" toward the game was his fault. Though after we had our falling out, and I finally beat the game.

I sat there and thought "it's an alright game". So compared to other RPG's, it's really easy to pick up and play, and you didn't have to grind for hours. So it's a good game to introduce someone to JRPG's, but for someone who's played a ton, it's not that unique and mind blowing. Also from what I've seen, it was groundbreaking when it came out, but playing it 10 years later after several other games "ripped" it off, it lost some of what made it groundbreaking and unique.
Yeah, with a lot of things I've learned to not hype them. I've actually had an experience where I over-hyped something I liked to the point where I myself didn't enjoy it, haha. Theres a movie called Mystery Team, with Donald Glover in it, and the first time I saw it I was blown away because looking at the little netflix thumbnail of the cover I was expecting a shitty kids movie or something. But then I showed it to some friends like "This is the funniest movie ever!" but as I watched I was like "Wait, this isn't as funny as I remember." So now I've learned to just tell people "I want you to watch this movie" and thats it, then they enjoy it much better, and I actually do as well.
I'm not sure if I overhyped something to where I didn't like it. I do know that when I recommend things to people, I start noticing negatives about it, and wonder "oh shit, is someone going to like this?"
Thats the only thing I've done that with. Or maybe some youtube videos which I laughed my ass off at because they were random, but then in my memory I blew it up to be much funnier than what it actually was.

I think that can happen with anything though. Like there have definitely been girls that I thought were pretty good looking at some point, but in my memory they became even better looking, and then I saw them again and was like "What the fuck was I thinking? haha".

And no, I don't mean when I'm drunk.
Some girls look better in one style of clothing or hair and when they change it it's like.. uh.. I swore you were hot yesterday...
Haha, well yes, that also happens. I hate it when girls seem to be unaware of which clothes they look best in. Though I'm sure I probably do that too.
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