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Full Version: Different Illnesses That Can Cause Alopecia
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The important to prevention is knowing what can lead to bladder bacterial infections in cats. Info puts people in a better place to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. They've had time to create other passions.
[Image: zkojo6.jpg]
I usually don't have sex with cats, so I don't think I need to know.
Well...then, I guess I should use protection the next time I want to have sex with a cat. Oh, wait...that's right...I'm attracted to human females. Not feline females. My bad.
No Sam, we all know what kind of pussy you're into. When you said hairy, you mean hairy.
What?...I never said that...

Putting words in my mouth. For shame!
You know I read what you post on Facebook Sam.
Shit. I've been found out...


Wait, maybe Debbie had sex with cats and thats how she got sick? Maybe this guy is just trying to warn us?
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