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Full Version: Ukulele.
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Does anyone here know how to play this instrument? It's required learning where I'm from so pretty much everyone knows how to play it. Haven't met any foreigners who know how to play it though.
I play ukulele. 8)
My brother plays ukulele, but at school, it's mostly hipsters that play ukulele here, and they try to impress the ladies by playing Neutral Milk Hotel covers on it. My brother is also trying to be a hipster, so he kind of fits with them.
I mostly play ukulele to play music in styles like this:

A lot of my classical-flamenco hybrid bastardisation style gets carried over to ukulele as well.
That actually sounds pretty cool
I have a ukulele because it's cheaper than an acoustic
My dad has two but I can't stand the sound of them. They irritate the hell out of me!
I learnt how to play one almost as a gimmick (the one I own is a flying V shape :twisted: ), but surprisingly I've used it in quite a few performances.
I'm considering buying one at some point after fucking around on my friends. They're pretty fun.
I actually own one, but it needs new strings.
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