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Full Version: Official Rules
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Here's the general rules for the individual forums:

1. No Spam. Violators will receive a warning. Repeat offenders will receive a lengthy ban.

2. No Trolling. Also known as flame-baiting. If caught once, you will receive a warning. Repeat offenders will receive a lengthy ban.

3. No Flaming. First time offenders will be warned. Repeat offenders will receive a lengthy ban.

4. Absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHY. Any posting of porn will automatically receive a perma-ban.

5. No Advertisements, we don't give a fuck about what you're selling.

6. Try and stay away from retarded "spammy" threads. The status of these will be left up to a moderator's digression, but repeated offenses with receive a warning. Repeat offenders will receive a ban.

7. If you're here from a post exchange, you are not allowed to mention that I need to "get a real forum" or anything similar. I have my reasons why I choose not to.

8. No VS threads, these almost always end in flame wars and never resolve.

I'll add more when I think of them, and any problems we run into.

yes I copypasta from Mx.

Icyboard Rules:
You are not allowed to upload, link to, post, or in any other way distribute the following content:

Hate, threats, harrassment, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization

Hacking, exploits, or cracking content

Pornography, hentai, child pornography, adult or mature content

Any content that promotes, or is, illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others

Any infringement of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property right

Any scripts or codes that interfere or remove our advertisements
Also please try not to make mutiple threads of the same topic. I doubt we'll have tons of traffic so there shouldn't be any excuse.
So if you have any problems please read this form. If any of your problems fall under the categories on this form, we probably will never try to help you with it.

[Image: form.jpg]