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Let's discuss how deep and intellectual this band is. I love how in their song Aenima, the opening lyrics are so strong and defined that it really hammers down the feeling of the song: "Some say the end is near" holy fucking shit is that deep. They realize that everything has a start and an end, even the universe. The best part is that line also has multiple meanings, it's also about Maynard James Keenan feels that mankind and civilization is on the decline. The masses are all sheeple and people who can interpret their lyrics are part of the chosen crowd to change the world.

Another great line is "fuck L. Ron Hubbard and all his clones" that's also a very deep and intellectual line. It represents how Scientology is very symbolic in how any and all religion is a scam. People feel that Scientology is a joke because it involves aliens and stuff, but no, Tool is smart because they realize that Jesus and God are just like aliens as presented in their songs.

Tool once said that Bill Hicks said "It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom, it´s what it is ok?. Keep that in mind at all times. Thank you!"

damn, that's deep.

Thanks to Tool, I became an independent thinker because Maynard told me to be one.

now for the serious part, I think their songs and their riffs are cool. Justin Chancellor is a ballin bassist
i like how you overanalyzed aenima to start off, which is one of tool's most sarcastic songs in some parts :lol:
All I did was pick one of my favorite songs to sarcastically overanalyze like typical Tool fans do.

I've never actually dug into their lyrics (or anyone's in general).
the only band i've overanalyzed the lyrics of is btbam

on the new album

cause im a dork lol
Tbh I can't get into 10,000 Days, I really only like 2 or 3 songs.
i like it, but it feels like half an album, especially compared to lateralus
Tool's really cool. I used to be all about analyzing lyrics but I can't really do it anymore if I try. I used to find it really fun though, sometimes even powerful honestly.

i had like 10 different fully realized meanings for every soundgarden song at one point
(06-29-2013, 04:59 AM)wwf Wrote: [ -> ]the only band i've overanalyzed the lyrics of is btbam

on the new album

cause im a dork lol

Kezia for me (I know, shocking!)

Don't care at all about BTBAM lyrics for whatever reason. Like, I know they're cool, but I can't be arsed to read through them all.

No matter how many times I read this article, it makes me giggle because it's so spot on with how their fans are.
by the way, the studio time has been pushed back again

"I always think for myself because that's what Maynard told me to do'

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