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Full Version: Downtune issue: 5 string? octave pedal?
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I have the problem that some of the songs and music I want to play demand some down tuning. Some only drop d, other drop c. So I was thinking of getting an octave pedal or buying a new 5 string bass. Thoughts?
You don't need a 5 string to play in drop C or D, if you're planning on getting another bass, just have it tuned to drop D or C.
I doubt an octave pedal would sound good. I honestly have zero idea what it would sound like on a bass so I might be wrong.

But I've always thought five string basses are cool, the only problem is that the low string would probably have a tuning of B, which is a bit lower than C or D. So if you're following exactly what the guitar is playing it could be a bitch to play in a totally different tuning. But if you're the kind of bassist that doesn't give no fucks and is an independent black woman that don't need to follow no guitar, then maybe it'd work out well for you.

So basically anything will work if you're willing to be creative. Which is basically totally unhelpful and now I don't know where I'm going with this.

Out of interest, is there anything keeping you from just downtuning your guitar or buying another four string and downtuning that one?
I don't want to change my tuning the whole time. I currently have my 2 4-string that I both keep in standard tuning and I prefer to have my string in standard.

it's helps with my playing patterns and when playing chords every now and then.
So you want to downtune without all the hassles of downtuning? Alright, I get you. Maybe a five string bass is best, but it would be harder to play certain dropped tuning songs, and it would probably be impossible to play some of them.
Octave pedals don't really sound that great for going down on a bass, and aren't that great of a substitute if the song is in a drop D style tuning since the playing position is a bit different.

Basically with the extra bass, you can keep it in the drop tuning and use the others for standard so you don't have to keep retuning your bass.
Yeah, that's basically what I did with my guitars. One is for drop d and the other is for standard. I never change the tunings unless in situations of great peril.

I do wish I could play songs in different tunings though.
I usually keep my Les Paul in drop D, though retuning back and forth from drop D and back isn't too bad, though I do keep my other guitar in Eb.
I don't really use other peoples playing positions, I usually work out my own that is more comfortable for me to play so not having it in a specific tuning is no the problem for me. The problem that I have is that I want to low notes, but don't currently have them.
You can try tuning to D or C standard. The playing positions are the same, and you get the low notes.
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