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Full Version: Yellow Fever
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This might be because I'm Asian, but I don't get the idea of "yellow fever" with non-Asian guys. It always confuses me when I see an unnattractive or meh Asian girl and somehow every guy who isn't Asian thinks she's a 15/10 on the sexy scale. She'll have a unibrow and a massive beer belly, but still be rated sexier than Susan Coffey. Clearly something is wrong with this world.

I don't get it MTB Sad
1) Susan Coffey isn't my type. 2) I never got it either, and I'm White. Confusedhrug:
I get it, but it's not really for me. I think Asians are very rarely unnattractive.
(05-29-2013, 07:41 PM)BobSacamano Wrote: [ -> ]I get it, but it's not really for me. I think Asians are very rarely unnattractive.

Really? I've seen a bunch of unattractive ones

Like these:

[Image: gracelin.jpg]

[Image: UGLY..jpg]

and I point out how I don't find them attractive and a bunch of other guys will label them as 10/10 because they're "exotic"
I find most Asians unattractive

They only Asian girls I usually find attractive are the ones that have really "white" features anyway
(05-29-2013, 07:37 PM)crazysam23 Wrote: [ -> ]1) Susan Coffey isn't my type.
goddess is everyones type
Well tbh I only know of a few Asians personally.
My school is like 30% Asian

I'm not saying they're all unattractive or anything. Just that most aren't my type. (That is almost certainly because of where I live. Western beauty standards and all that jazz) Some are really good looking and others, not so much. Just like all other people.

I think the guys Grungie is talking about are kind of creepy. I think there was a big thread on this on UG actually.
Sometimes it probably has to do with the fact that if there is less of a race present in your area. When I lived in Mississippi, there were little to no Hispanics, so everyone there thought all Hispanics were sexy. Then I moved to Nebraska and there were a lot of Hispanics, nobody thought this, but everyone there thought all Black people were sexy since there weren't any there.

So basically I'm assuming that if there isn't much of a certain race around you, the people will consider them "exotic" and all sexy.
I actually haven't heard anyone irl obsessing over Asians and like I said there's probably only like 5-10 that look it in my school.

I imagine it would be really creepy at times to be a young attractive Asian female in America. I think I would feel like everyone that was interested in me just wanted some "Asian poon" or something.
Edit:^ I hate that too. If the below posts comes off as a guy looking for 'poon' please know I have more class than that.

I don't find most attractive or anything ('Yellow Fever' is stupid) and I think it's dumb how certain people are labelled 'exotic' but I'll admit, when I do find an Asian girl attractive, I will find her really attractive.

Most 'Yellow Fever' guys don't like 'real' Asians anyway, they only like the ones in America who are at least half-white plus the famous K-pop stars. I find them attractive too but I have also met Asians without the racial mixing I find attractive.
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