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Full Version: Review Tutorial
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Here's the basic rundown of how we will post our reviews.

So to make a new review, you must make a new text post. The title of the post will be formatted as "band" - "album"

Then in the body of the post you must put the image of the album cover, preferrably around 300x300, nothing big.

Then type out your review. The rating system is on a scale of 1-5 (fractions are acceptable like 4.5/5) and then post your name and make your name link back to your profile on MTB.

Make sure you go to the right hand side and look for the category and click "album reviews" under the category so it'll be filed with the others.

You can add tags if you want, for other wordpress people can find you, like on Youtube, but it's not really necessary, but I use it.