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Full Version: Ode to Adam
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Adam, can be a thrill
But I've got my fill
Adam, think he's all that
But he smells of scat
Adam, thinks he's a hippie
But he's losing his grip - he's
Not a man, but a madam
And he's rife with jealousy
That's our Adam
Our Adam

Adam, complains about his song
Said the effort was wrong
Adam, ungrateful till the end
He drives us round the bend
Adam, he's on the decline
It's only a matter of time - until
I snap and push him down a chasm
That's our Adam
Our Adam

Always makes
fun of us
Goes on about

Adam, disdainful of Maps
But his opinion is crap
Adam, he called me silly
But he's jealous of my big willy

That's our Adam
Our silly Adam
That's our Adam
Our mistake, Adam
That's our Adam
Our parasitic Adam
That's our Adam

And when he's leaving
I won't be bereaving
When he's heaving
His arse out of here
We'll rejoice!

But yet, I love that stupid fucker
Maybe I'm a sucker
Yes it's a struggle
He's a bit of a muggle
But he's too good to deserve a beating
And not tasty enough to be eaten

that's a burn
The great Maps has amazing poems, it disappoints me that you didn't put such effort into one about me

You didn't even put hummus and hippys in, seriously dude, i'm disappointed
It's a work in progress. :|
You did not make that clear.
I realise. I wasn't sure whether to add more, so I decided to gauge opinion first.

Added more now.
Just be happy you get one Adam haha

Hey hey hey. Who said you weren't getting one?
That. is. perfect.

and other random words just so it can be more than five characters

random words that might make me lose track of conversation

and then get confused

and then reconsider talking

and then not talk

and get cancer from not talking

so this whole five character thing is a really bad thing
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