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Full Version: This is my [s]amazing[/s] story
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yeah, so i've gone for a week or so as you might know (tell me you missed me ;_; ), i went to the sahne, a juggling festival in north Israel me and my friends go to every year to get stoned. so yeah, i was high for about 5 days straight and it took me a lil while to get used to home again....

The festival is international, half the people there were from SA, i could tell through the accent and the perfect body and blonde hair lol. The place is basically a small green town a few rich fuckers live in, the actual sahne is a stream of waterfalls and natural pools forming a chain of awesomeness, the entire area around the water and the water itself is filled with arab families during the day (which could get rather annoying), which is why we only snick in at night.

One of the nights we snuck in we even met Jesus, he was a hippy dude that was washing himself in the water and when we came in he gave us food and talked to us about love, after we got stoned of course (he was just a cool hippy guy, but he stayed in character all the time, fucking hilarious)

The only thing that wasn't that fun for me was the small forever alone parts, nearly everyone were couples, it makes you miss having someone like that, y'know? One night though i kinda hooked up with someone, she was pretty cool and we were both high, she was all over me while we hang out with friends. I couldn't find her again though, my friend kept saying he saw her walking by but i was pretty sure he was just high and seeing things because it went like this everytime:

"hey dude there she is!"

"Where? i don't see her"

"She was just there, i swear man!"

And then everyone would make jokes about how he's seeing things, that happened like 4 times lol

I also met up with a few old friends, i'm talking people i knew as a kid, we jammed and (guess what?) got high. And i randomly jammed so much with people idk, i fucking jammed with 2 dudes with a bagpipe and a accordion for fuck's sake lol. That was fun as hell

And when we were packing up our stuff at the last day some french guy we got stoned with before offered me some weed, so i was high the whole ride home haha

Anyway, that's my story (or atleast the part i am able to remember), what's going on with you guys?
Same shit, different day Wink

Glad you enjoyed your trip.