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Full Version: Any remedies for a sore wrist?
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I think I might be starting to develop problems in my left wrist. Any remedies to soothe it other than rest? Maybe a few exercises to help strengthen it?
Take a nice hot bath to soften your wrist.
Try some IcyHot-style balm. Usually it works both for muscles and bones, but it seldom works for my joint pains, if that's what you've got.

Otherwise, I'd get medical advice, because you can actually seriously injure yourself. Vito Bratta hasn't been in the music business since 1996 because he played too much guitar.
I don't know any remedies, but a word of caution; if you get a lot of pain, it could be Carpal Tunnel, in which you need to get it checked out. I know at least two people who've developed it from playing bass (one upright, one electric). Not trying to scare you though. Tongue
Yeah, thats what I'm afraid of. But the pain is not really close to my hand it's more towards my arm and it's constant with no specific movement making it better or worse. The pH is my blood is also too low so I've been advised to drink alkaline powder. If that doesn't work I'll have to have it properly checked out.
Strap it. Rest it, Heat packs may help, rub in muscle soothe cream stuff lol, gentle exercises may help, don't know if hand gripper would help but they do strengthen your arms - may help the wrists too.

I've had RSI in my hands and arms for years, eases up when I do less of the computer or guitar/bass or swap one for the other.
I got a couple of stretching exercises and tips to help improve it. I've had RSI in my shoulder from too much computer work and bad body posture.
Posture maybe. I've always had trouble with my neck and shoulders, then last year I started having a lot of trouble with my wrists and hands. Chiropractor said it all comes from slouching, so I try to sit up straighter and stuff now. Yours sounds a bit different, but it can't hurt.