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Full Version: I'm stepping down from my position as mod LOL NO I'M NOT
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Yup, turns out I don't feel like doing it anymore. As such, I have asked Grungie to demote me of my modhood and have been given one last responsibility; to find my replacement (that's one of you).

He told me that resetting my account was the only possibility, which means that my profile has become a clean state, a blank canvas if you will, meaning the site says I have only 1 post (this one), even though my older posts still physically exist, with my orange name. The forum software interprets this as if it's a new user that has registered. Makes sense.

I'm sorry for this, but it's my choice.
One of us

one of us
He couldn't handle our porn sharing in the secret forum
I understand your decision completely. Just remember, you are always welcome here, mod or no mod.


Thanks Debs. I had a good run.
This seems legit......

But it is April Fool's day.....
Well, I am an assistant manager at Strickland Propane. So your trust in me would be well placed, I tell ya what.

Though I of course understand if I'm overqualified for the job.
i will be a better mod anyway
Wait. It's April 1st today...

[Image: tumblr_inline_mkjkz2kXEt1qz4rgp.gif]
Obviously it should be somebody who actually gets on a lot. Maybe ask Adam when he gets back. I would do it, but I already told you guys I'll probably be gone all summer.
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