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Quote:Volbeat is a heavy metal band from Denmark, founded in 2001. They released their first album, The Strength/The Sound/The Songs, in 2005 and the follow up, Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil, was released in Denmark on February 19, 2007, and in the rest of Europe on February 26, 2007. In March 2007, it topped the Danish album chart as the best selling album, the first metal album ever to do so.

Volbeat was formed in 2001 after frontman Michael Poulsen split up his former band, Dominus. Volbeat plays a fusion of heavy metal and rockabilly mixed with punk. They are inspired by the rock n’ roll legends Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. No other Danish heavy rock band Volbeat has been able to get to position 18 at the Danish Top 100 for CD sales in over 10 years. This milestone was reached after their concert at the Roskilde Festival 2006.

Critics have generally been positive towards The Strength / The Sound / The Songs. The German hard rock magazine RockHard gave it 10/10 in a review.

Volbeat is also praised for its live performances. Their concert at Roskilde Festival 2006 received a 6/6 stars review in the Danish newspaper BT.

In week 8 of 2007, the record Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil debuted as #1 in the Danish Top 40 for CD-sales and at the same time The Strength / The Sound / The Songs re-entered the chart at #21. Recently, the album achieved gold status for sales in Denmark.

Volbeat opened the Roskilde Festival in 2007. Volbeat also supported Metallica together with Mnemic at their concert on Denmark July 13 of that year.

More recently, Volbeat was announced to do a seven-date European spring tour and to support legendary speed metal act Megadeth in Finland and in their home town, Copenhagen. They have also already announced a few festival appearances for the summer 2008.

Volbeat has a large range of influences, which can be clearly heard in their music. On their official MySpace site Volbeat lists their influences in their own recognizable way:

”Everything from Elvis Presley to Napalm Death … hail: Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Ramones, Social Distortion, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Dio, Megadeth, Metallica, Manic Street Preachers, Iron Maiden and bla bla bla bla…”

Volbeat’s lyrics usually revolve around love, failed love or the power of a twisted mind. They thereby distance themselves from stereotypical heavy metal lyrics, although many of their most popular songs have very dark or sincere themes and plots.

That first video sounds a lot like Green Day. With a little bit of an accent and a little bit of James Hetfield noises.
They have many different sounds.

Here's a song off the new album
Yeah, I noticed the second video sounded a lot more like they look. Interesting that they're so diverse.
New album is KILLER!!

Lots of different sounds on this album - they are known for that anyway, but this one more so.
Lots of Country, rock a billy, punk vibes, but the heaviest album they have done.
Features King Diamond and Sarah Blackman.

Brilliant stuff.

I can't post any other videos right now, but I will later.
I think I might like the new album more than their previous albums. They always play "Heaven nor Hell" on the radio, and I don't really like it.
Theres better songs on that album than Heaven nor Hell. 16 dollars, 7 Shots and Evelyn are my favourite songs off that album.
Can't wait to see Volbeat on Saturday with Iced Earth. 2 of my favourite bands on the same bill!
New song!!

Unfortunately I can't go to the current tour. Would love to see them again.