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Full Version: Cuz we're patriot motherfuckers
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Ok, so we are working on our forum anthem, here are the lyrics (still kinda WIP) the music, and pledge

Music (by wolfy):

Lyrics (by the great Mr Maps):
Oh MTB, to hear your sweet sounding name
You're meant for glory and fame
Oh MTB, you put all others to shame
Yes, that's right, they're really lame
Compared to the wonderful Board
Of Music and Talk

Never to be shackled by ignorance
We've found a light
Thanks to the Grungie our King
We shall never give up the fight

Oh MTB, your members are chill
To be with them, is a thrill
Oh MTB, your flaws are nil
Outsiders can't wait until
They join the wonderful Board
Of Music and Talk

A Pit so deep
From whence we came
The internet
Will never be the same
Never again

Oh MTB, you're honest and true
Your folk are never blue
Oh MTB, thanks to you
Man found a cure for swine flu
Thanks to the wonderful board
Of Music and Talk

Our topics are wide
Our thoughts are big
Our hearts are true
We'll build a bridge
For you to escape
The hell that binds you
For MTB is here
We will always be kind to you

Oh MTB, we like to get frisk-ay
Yes, we get a little risque
Oh MTB, you cannot stop it
We are not bound by topics
So come to the wonderful Board
Of Music and Talk
And other shit too
'Cause we're just and true

And the pledge which will be in the end of the anthem (by yours truly):
Oh Super Emperor Dictator King, who has given us the realms of off topicness, we thank ye on our rize to control the interwebz

We need to record the lyrics to the music, preferably in choir form, or if someone can sing majestically that'd be even better
das ossom dood
I just started laughing out loud in the middle of a sitting area at school while reading those lyrics.

Nicely done!
:golfclaps: all round guys. :3
Wolfy, can I have the midi to your song? I think I can make it better with my VSTs
Sure thing, but I'm at school right now so it's gonna have to be later.

I'm also not finished the symphony which was meant to be for my Alma Mater but this is coo for now
Coo Coo
Is this a sticky now? sweet.

Seriously though we need to record dat shiz
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