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Full Version: Orange Teeth!
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This video is just too great not to have a thread for, Enjoy! Big Grin

LOL! The guy looks so smug.
lol He does look kinda smug
I heard wearing lemon skins on your teeth whitens them.

True story.
I'm trying to think how that would work. Can't be the limoneen, maybe the high ascorbic acid in the albedo, but I doubt that one.
If you say so. You're the fruit expert :p
And don't you forget it. Exept tropical fruit and most subtropical fruit, except citrus.
Not even... bananas? Sad
Nope, all I know about bananas are that they are climacteric and high in potasium, but I know diddly squat on how to grow them.
Isn't it with soil, water and sun?

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