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Full Version: Fuck bureaucracy!
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Ok, so as most of you know, i'm a high school drop out. I've dropped out at the end of last year, and in eighth grade i was at home most of the time.
There's a mandatory education law here until the age of 18.
No one ever gave a shit i droppd out, but today my mom got a letter from the ministry of education saying that if i don't go to a school she'll go to jail. Now, Are they fucking retarded??? Wtf is this shitty logic???

That's basically saying "Ok, we know you dropped out of school and are probably having a tough time with life right now, but tell you what, we're gonna help you by putting the one person that helps you and cares about you and throw them to jail, so cheer up"

[Image: genius-meme.png]

yeah, so basically, lets have a discussion about bureaucracy, and why it will doom the human race.
Wow, that sucks bro

Why did you drop out? If you don't mind me asking that is
My old principal retired and the new one was a nazi that turned the school into a slave camp basically, a lot of awful rules to satisfy his ego, and when you'd talk back to him he'd flip out.

When i left i couldn't find another school because the new school needs a recommendation from the old one, so i was fucked
Shit man. That's messed up.
We have the same law here. It's not flawed logic Adam, you're just not seeing it from their point of view. You are a minor and your parents are responsible for you, they are suppose to keep you in school. An education is a basic right. They don't see it as you that made the decision yourself to drop out, they see it as she holding you from school because you're still a minor and she is the one to makes those kind of decisions for you.

I don't know about jail, but in SA Child Services are one your ass and if you don't comply by letting them help your children, they remove the childen from the now labelled "unfit" parents and send them to other guardians.

They won't just send her to jail, she can appeal. An appeal can be filed for special circumstances like you being a difficult child. (Don't argue, just accept it). Difficult in the sense that you have some problems at the moment that you are working on, as you mentioned before.
While Debbie's post makes sense, it's still a pretty bad situation for Adam.
I wanna finish school, as i said before, but sending my mom to jail if i don't do it in the next 4 months is just retarded. The jail part is the only thing that really annoys me tbh.

But this thread is not about me, it's about bureaucracy, your opinions, thoughts, stories, etc. I should've made that more clear :P
I'm the last person to know anything regarding -cracies or -isms, but let me just interject.

The four was a nice touch
A-thank you, a-thank you.

I just have no idea how anarchy could possibly work, but everyone seems to shit themselves over it thinking it's some sort of miracle system.

Granted, I'm looking at UG, but still.
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