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Full Version: The Venting/Ranting/Hugging Thread!
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Welcome to the cuddliest thread around! Have any problems you want to discuss and/or get off your chest? Post here and we'll do what we can Smile
I have a feeling i'll be posting here a lot...
I'll just tell everyone to grow balls
Hahaha stop it, you'll scare them away.
I have a problem to vent about. Everyone in this thread is picking on me :x
I'm not

And Grungie just wants buttsecks, it's all cool
You're right. We all have issues.
So guys, what do you do when theres some chick who you definitely aren't attracted to, but she likes you and is trying to do something about it? One of the people who works in the cafeteria at my school keeps trying to be all friendly and stuff.
I never went through that :p

Personally, I'd go with it. I might actually end up really liking a person in the end if they're nice to me. But that's just me. I don't know what else to suggest.