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Full Version: YOUR Favourite TV Series
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What's your favourite TV series? For me it's the Sopranos hands down.
Red Dwarf.
Doctor Who.
I'm enjoying Person Of Interest atm.
At the moment, Snuff Box.
It's an old one, but I really like "Bleach". I don't even know if it's on TV anymore, as I only watch it on Hulu.
For funny stuff definitely Futurama, for less funny stuff Probly The Twilight Zone. (from the 60's, not that other shit)

And of course, the combination of the two.

"The setting - a weird motel where the bed is stained with mistery, and there's also some mistery floating in the pool. Your key card may not open the exercise room, because someone smeared mistery on the lock."

"You're entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location..."

Come on, this shit's hilarious.
Classy incog
The Twilight Zone isn't a cartoon man, and it's awesome
Y'all should watch Snuff Box. Every episode's on Youtube.

It's good.

Really really good.

Snuff Box.

Watch it
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