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Doctor Who
Author: Fantasyfanman, Views: 679, Replies: 3

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Doctor Who is a show that has been around for 51 years and is split into two groups; Classic Doctor Who and Doctor Who. The new series is both a continuation and a reboot of the series.

The story is about the Doctor and his "companions" as they travel throughout time and space to help people and save the world and make sure history is not re-written.

I haven't seen the classic series (I plan on starting it soon) but I have seen every episode plus the specials of the new series. I also own a Doctor Who t-shirt.
love me some dr. who! i'm sad to see matt smith go but i'm kinda excited to see what capaldi is going to bring to the table. unfortunately the only tee i have for dr. who is a crappy one they gave for free at the dr who panel at wondercon a few years ago when they we're first going to bring the show to america to film a few episodes.

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Man, I missed all the good threads this summer apparently!

I'm a huge fan, if you can't tell by my avatar. I've watched all of the new series (except for maybe a couple shorts), and quite a bit of classic Doctor Who. I definitely recommend watching the older stuff, but just be aware that its older television and the pacing and special effects are not going to compare to the stuff nowadays.
(02-20-2014, 10:10 PM)Mr Maps Wrote: folky-doodles... ya sinister glogmojens?
You cotton-moist brickabrackers.

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I used to enjoy Dr Who but since Peter Capaldi took over I have not been able to get on with it like I could with previous actors who played The Doctor. My most favourite recent doctor would have to be when actor Matt Smith played him.

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