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Work Stories - Skyward - 04-16-2016

This ought-ta be good.

RE: Work Stories - crazysam23 - 04-21-2016

Where's your work story?

RE: Work Stories - JCizzle - 04-21-2016

This one time, I was playing a gig with my band. It was good.

RE: Work Stories - debbie - 05-25-2017

Like things that happened at work?

RE: Work Stories - JCizzle - 05-26-2017

I think so.

RE: Work Stories - debbie - 05-30-2017

I left my office window open the other day. When I came back the next morning my entire office was covered in moths. My colleagues wanted to spray them but I stopped them, because I counted up to 15 species! It was amazing for me.

Some moths makes butterflies look dull - beautiful markings