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RE: Happy birthday Debster! - JCizzle - 10-30-2014

^ Lol.

(10-29-2014, 11:32 PM)Danjo Wrote: I think being in the middle of all our ages would probably be more flattering, I don't imagine Debbie wants you to think she's still in high school.
Well I'll be. You're doing well, young padawan.

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - JCizzle - 10-29-2015

It's that time of year, guise.

Happy birthday, O fearful Debbie.

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - Hank Hill - 10-29-2015

Happy birthday Debbie!
I accidentally cut my finger a bit at work but I figured you'd be starting your finger collection soon so my birthday gift to you is a little less effort in cutting off my finger! Big Grin

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - Grungie - 10-29-2015

All hail the holy day of birth for The Debbie

Please don't kill us!!!

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - crazysam23 - 10-29-2015

Is Debbie still around? I have her on Facebook...

Anyway, happy birthday!