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RE: Happy birthday Debster! - Danjo - 11-02-2013

I see I am late to this birthday thread, but I have my reasons. Happy Birthday Debbie!

I got you some fruit, because I know you're a fruitologist. But it looks like some lady is trying to steal your fruit.
[Image: QF1Ba3M.jpg]

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - Danjo - 10-29-2014

Happy Birthday Debbie! I believe we're bumping old birthday threads instead of making a new thread each year. I think you're special enough to deserve a new birthday thread, but then again Adam is in this thread, so it is more special than any new thread I could make. Also I'm double posting nearly a year apart!

One of these years I'm gonna have to make you some cupcakes since you made me and Obscene cupcakes two years ago. Alas my busy schedule and my complete lack of being able to get shit done in a timely manner prevent me for making them this year.

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - debbie - 10-29-2014

Thank you! I appreciate the effort of finding the old thread and bumping it. Tongue

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - Hank Hill - 10-29-2014

Eyyy girlll happy birthday! I got you this pack of papers!

[Image: xctmpsW9YSa.png]

You know, for writing on!


I actually did this once in elementary school for some girl's secret santa because I was running late and had nothing else to give and everyone thought I was weird. ._.

It was just 1 of 4 gifts though. One for each Friday.

(10-29-2013, 05:19 AM)JoelCarli Wrote: All hail our Doctor Professor and Super Mod ("super" being an accurate title :D)

*Secretary as well now. You're gonna have to update that.

(10-29-2013, 02:07 PM)Adam Wrote: I'm a cheapskate so i got you the same thing i got you in the valentines thread

[Image: bear,funny,gift,heart,love,shit,bitch,yo...9d9a_h.jpg]

:haha: :haha:

A year old and I still laughed out loud.

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - stratman_13 - 10-29-2014

Happy birthday!

[Image: BHnAuRiCQAAmbgs.jpg]

It was supposed to say debbie but

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - JCizzle - 10-29-2014

Happy birthday to our marvelous missus Debbie! May your reign forever be with an iron fist in a velvet glove!

And at only 27 years young; if I hadn't known any better, I would have sworn you were the youngest of all of us!

(I got you a kickass compliment due to my financial constraints)

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - Danjo - 10-29-2014

I think being in the middle of all our ages would probably be more flattering, I don't imagine Debbie wants you to think she's still in high school.

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - crazysam23 - 10-30-2014

Happy birthday! You lucky person, you!

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - WCPhils - 10-30-2014

Happy Birthday!

RE: Happy birthday Debster! - carlcockatoo - 10-30-2014

Happy birthday!

I got you some flowers.

[Image: ac79916270380d4f2903b1761e62042b.jpg]

Shame the pinterest paparazzi snapped a shot of me. :/