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Full Version: Xeno Series
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To suffice. I just put series. Though, To be fair I think "Xeno whatever the fuck" would work pretty well for a series Shortening. Erm, sorry about the side tracking.

Since the newest Installment of the series came out earlier this month, It's time to pay some tribute.[Image: latest?cb=20141121001834]
Excluding Xenoblade 2, because it just came out and I don’t have a Switch, the only one I’m missing is Xenosaga 2. I sadly had to pay $50 for Xenosaga III because it’s rare.
Heh, I'm the oddball too who's never played any of them. ChuggaConroy had the LP of Xenoblade Chronicles though, which gave me a pretty good understanding of what to expect.
I haven’t finished any of them. I’m sort of new to the franchise. I’ve had Xenoblade Chronicles and X for a few years, but haven’t finished them, and Xenogears for awhile
I'very gotta get XC3D. That game looks fuckin' badass.
It’s def cheaper on the 3DS than the Wii version
Plus, I can actually use my New 3ds for something that isn't Majora's Mask.
You really only have one game on the 3DS?
I actually have a shit ton. See, My old one's analog stick broke. I bought a New model with the C-Stick. MM3D is the only game I have that makes use of the new features with the system.
But my catalog is huge for the thing.
Xenoblade and MM are the only games that really use it, but it’s also the only 3DS I’ve ever owned.
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