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Full Version: Favorite Fender Guitars
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[Image: %24_3.JPG?set_id=2][Image: fcwd-products-electric-guitars-jaguar-01...guar-1.jpg][Image: 9231002686_gtr_frt_001_rr.png]

These are my pre-boys. And that Jazzmasterm is something I'll need to car to own...
I want a Jazzmaster too, but I want one with the actual switches on it, but they’re only $800.
Huh, I put a Mustang up there as well. Ah well. Jazzmaster are a shoegazers best friend, Especially with like, A Boss CE-5. Absolute monster of a guitar.
I have a Duo Sonic which is kind of like a Mustang
Anything with a single Coil pickup is like NASA to me.
Both of my Fenders have coil splitting humbuckers (my SG does as well). Gives me more tonal variety
The Cobain models of the Mustang and Jaguars are pretty tight too. Just amazing when it comes to clean tones through tube amps.
Idk anything about those
There's my auto-correct, Mistaking Kurt Cobain for Conan...
I'd love to mod a Jazz with a Seymour Duncan pickup though...
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