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Full Version: Preferred Tunings
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Love me some Drop D.
I use standard, standard flat, and the drop d variations of it. I have the Digitech D-tuner which is nice
I need to get me a new battery for my Shark Tuner. That thing works like a champ.
I may take a slight preference to Drop C#
I've fucked some strings up just by trying different things.
Still remember being hit by a G string after tuning it just right.
Don’t try Sonic Youth tunings
Noted. While we're at it, Don't try White stripes tunings.
I know I’ve brought this up a few times but the tuning for Soul To Preach To by Fuel is still by far the hardest one I had to figure out. Tuning was C# F# C# F# C# F#.
That's sounding familiar to A Farewell by Orion. Took me forever to figure that one out.
Sounds like a Soundgarden or Sonic Youth tuning. Joan of Arc tunings might be fun to figure out
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