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Full Version: Wassail!!
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Hi guys, remember me?

I haven't had access to a laptop for a few years, only an ipad which I hate using for forums.  Recently got myself a new laptop so have been able to get back online :Smile 
Good to see this place is still going.

For those that don't know me.  I am Jaz.  aka Fullmoon, Fenrir, Revolution, Stormrider, Skathi, Aura..... gods I have had so many usernames over the years at various places xD

I am 29, Love anything Rock, Punk, Metal and Folk. 

Unfortunatly I suffer from a few illnesses now which leave me exhausted, so whilst I have a laptop now I still can't get on as much as I would like to, But hopefully you will see more of me here.

Anyway enough of my rambling.

Oh hey, welcome back, haven't seen you in ages. It's nice to see someone coming back.
Hey, long time no see!
Good to be back.
Welcome back!
And back again. Big Grin back on the ole forums again, as helping out with a metal site. :p