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Full Version: 'Veteran' users AMA
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It's been a few years since I've visited this place lol. And I could hardly be considered a user either, I barely was here when I was lol.

But whatever. Hi. I rediscovered this place when Facebook suggested liking the Facebook page in a random ad and made me realise 'oh yeah, that place existed'

So how's it going? Is this place still alive?
Alive. Not really kicking. I've gone back to the Pit recently.
Ah well. It was worth stumbling upon this place again anyway.
I mean, we were never huge...
Hi I'm still here. [Image: 19.gif]
Some of our mains got caught up with irl stuff (RIP Adam).
Well, to be honest, sliptknot (I forget his real name. Was it Clark?) Phils and wwf opened up about it on UG a while back. Back when Axel joined here. Slipknot and Phils had some reason for leaving.

Sliptknot called it a "horrible suppressed memory". For what reason idk.
Phils said he got tired of talking smack about UG'ers even though we don't do that anymore.
wwf I'm still not sure (think it's similar to Phils' reasoning) but I don't think he wants to come back either.

Guess I never mentioned that. :/
It's whatevs, though that was during the witch hunt era on UG when Element and his buddies were trying to purge users with SJW bullshit.
Wasn't that around the time Slipknot went to college and went from being cool with us to basically joining lolmnt with his SJW bullshit? Yeah, pretty sure it was. I mean, frankly, the fact that Colin (element) was allowed to pull so much bullshit killed UG for a LOT of folks; let's be real. It was fine until the Pit became the equivalent of a SJW campaign.

Anyway, on a different note, forums are dying. It's hard to get people to join a forum like this when they're just like, "But I got Facebook and Twitter". Grungie and I tried a radio show for a bit (until RL got crazy for me), and I think we had...2 listeners? Idk. Joel was one of them, lol.
I wouldn't say that those things about Slipknot were true. I wouldn't call him a SJW, as he was criticizing aspects of it as well. What I got out of him, was that his town was really fucking weird giving him a weird outlook on things. My only criticism towards him was how he learned about Europe through the Internet's image of it, and he seemed misinformed that America was a multifaceted shithole, and that Europe was this haven. I was hardly the only person that thought this, as I have seen people mention it.

After being in Europe, I can say a lot of the bullshit is pretty much the same. Racism and Islamaphobia is a pretty big problem in the UK. Instead of racism towards blacks and Hispanics, it's gypses and the Welsh (damn sheep fuckers)

I wish I could get the podcast rolling again. I haven't actually tried looking for a co-host. I will say that the problem with only 2 listeners was because I only shared it here.
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