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Full Version: Musician stereotypes
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So lately i've been jamming with friends a lot, we mostly just jam and goof around

We have a lot of inside jokes involving music and musicians, for example, we constantly yell at our bassist "bad bassist! back to your cave!"
And even though our drummer plays cello and knows a lot of theory we laugh at how dumb he is cuz he's a drummer

You get the point, it's all for shits n giggles, don't take this too seriously.

So lets talk about dem stereotypes, try to keep it in a joke/story form
Bassists are unimportant.

Drummers hang out with musicians.

Guitarists and singers get all the girls.
Read the last line again brah
[Image: rage-comic-meme-drummer-rage.png]

oh wait
The band I was in a year ago was a collection of stereotypes:

The guitarist who thinks he can sing (he's better now than he was then though).

The bassist who just plays root notes and doesn't use the D and G strings.

The drummer who plays when you're talking.

The 'rhythm guitarist' who nobody cares about (me).
The bassist is expendable - they always sacrifice the bassist in murdering music videos.
Ever seen a bassist without a beanie?
lol my bassist always wore a beanie too.
The other guitarist refuses to play chords ever since he learned sweeping

Everytime our drummer fucks up we tell him how much of a great Djent drummer he is (get it? huh? huh?)
imo it seems like sweeping has become more of a novelty than something that adds flavor to the song.
Depends how you use it though

OT: I've noticed that tuba players are always fat
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