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Full Version: Happy Birthday Joel
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Cheers to our sexiest Canadian.

I got you maple syrup:
[Image: syrup.jpg]

and the Canadian national anthem sung by your national heroes:
I was gonna make this thread earlier, but didn't know what to get him. Sad

Happy Birthday Wolfie! I got you my indecisiveness/lack of creativity! Maybe a pizza or something? Idk what else Canadians like other than what Grungie got you.
What about a beaver or moose?
Oh you guiz, you didn't need to.

and by that I mean you're better to have done this
Happy happy Joel! May you forever live happily ever after the fairy tale called Canada. Miss all of you guys!
Thank you Smile It's nice to see you're still alive!
(07-06-2015, 01:58 PM)Grungie Wrote: [ -> ]What about a beaver or moose?

Oh yeah, good point.

Happy Birthday, have a Rocky and Bullwinkle.

[Image: latest?cb=20150218153541]

Not a beaver, but close enough.
That's okay :3