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Full Version: Happy Birthday Josh
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Happy birthday to our favorite Garcia, the Jishua of Garcias

I got you Onodera as your present:

[Image: gsw5Ys9.jpg]
It's too bad I don't watch mangas or read animes, I could make a reference to those cartoons.

Anyway, I got you a Joshua Garcia:

[Image: avatar_19.gif?dateline=1429912021]

(shut up, I tried)
Thanks guys. :3

That's ok wolfie, I can never get too much of myself, Onodera and Emma. <3
[Image: sKzUXD8.png]
You should post a Yano while you're at it. <3
[Image: sLAVQEo.jpg]
It's even cuter than I could imagine. My birthday ritual is now complete. Thank you. :3
It's because of Nyamori.
It is.
Everything is better with a dash of Miyamori.
Happy Birthday man! I'd get you aynym stuff if I knew anything about eynaims that aren't Cowboy Bleepbloop.
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